Common Types of Laptop Batteries

In today’s world we are increasingly dependent on immediate access to information and communication wherever we are. No matter whether we are business men, students or mechanics in the field or housewives, almost nobody finds it acceptable to be bound to a place close to a power plug. The spreading availability of Wi-Fi access has even increased the need for mobile energy sources. Without batteries that deliver performance and durability laptops and cell phones do not make a lot of sense.

Over time, technology has advanced and brought us many advanced battery types designed to make our life easier. To ensure portability of laptop computers, there are currently three types of modern batteries, each with it’s own strengths and flaws.

The first type does not actually hold up to modern standards and will soon completely disappear from the market. Nickel Cadmium batteries where the first type used for mobile computers. The choice was made mainly because of their good performance considering the price and quality. Due to their weight and size these batteries are not integrated in new laptops any more.

For the next generations of laptops Nickel Metal Hydride batteries were used. You still find this type of laptop battery in many devices, but usually these are older models. They are more compact than Nickel Cadmium batteries and have a greater energy density. Unfortunately, just like Ni-Cd batteries, they suffer from the memory effect. But taking all things into consideration, the price for NiMH batteries is still very reasonable.

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In modern laptops the power source of choice are Lithium Ion batteries. They are optimized to the maximum, much smaller and lighter and the energy density is superior to the other two. Also this type of laptop battery doesn’t suffer from memory effect. You can use it and charge it anywhere and anytime you want. The only minus for these laptop batteries is that their price is a little bit higher which is absolutely worth it when you consider the longer battery life.

There are a few things to consider if you use the NiMH type of laptop battery. The most important is that you must not use the laptop connected to a Dc power supply when the battery is still inside the laptop. Due to the memory effect, it will soon die. To avoid the memory effect, charge the battery only after it is completely discharged. If you use a Li-Ion type of laptop battery you don’t have any worry about that.

All laptop batteries need careful treatment to a certain degree. This does not mean that they are very dangerous but inadequate usage like extreme temperatures and moisture can damage the environment and at the same time can irreparably damage the battery.

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