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How to Recondition Batteries at Home

How to Recondition Batteries at Home

“How to bring your beat up batteries back from the dead...
and add an extra two... three... even four years of operation
with little effort and almost no investment whatsoever!”

Dear friend,

Rechargeable batteries are everywhere:
In your car... in your cell phone...in your cordless drill...even in your solar panel system.
And when they fail... they can ruin all the fun. 

For instance… it doesn’t matter that your 2-year-old cordless drill is still in perfect condition. If the battery doesn’t hold a charge, a new Nicad rechargeable might costs even more than the actual drill !

But that’s peanuts compared to what you’d pay on deep cycle batteries.

Think about it: if you want to go solar… be prepared to spend at least $1000 on your deep-cycle battery bank (and more often than not, upwards of $3k!) … every few years!

It’s a mess. And that’s how I stumbled onto…

Here’s what it’s all about:

You don’t have to buy new, expensive batteries. Very few people know this: you can get discarded batteries for a few bucks or usually for free… and then, using a very simple process and some inexpensive tools, you can recondition them… and make them almost as good as new, in a matter of days!

Watch Effective Battery Reconditioning Method Could Save You $1,000's.
How to Recondition Batteries at Home
(Video) Bring your old batteries back to life instead of buying new one

Better yet: you can do this with almost any kind of batteries - from the small & medium sized Nicad and NiMH, to the large capacity lead-acid batteries used in cars, forklifts, or solar battery banks.
It's an amazing process that will extend the life of your batteries by a minimum of 50% to 70%... and sometimes even more.

And if you know how to do it, and follow the proper "recipe"...

You Can Revive Four Out of Five
Seemingly "Dead" Batteries!

This basically means… you’re helping keep as much as 80% of batteries from polluting the environment – while also saving a whole lot of money!

Once you successfully recondition a battery, restoring a battery of the same type is a walk in the park. In fact, you can recondition a hundred or a thousand more with almost NO expense... just rinse and repeat!

That's exactly what I did when I discovered the miracle of battery reconditioning. Sure, I reconditioned every single battery I could get my hands on - my car batteries, drill, solar system, everything.

But why stop there? I started enjoying reconditioning so much, that my newfound hobby soon turned into a full-blown business…

Making me a Solid 6-figure Income
Each and Every Year… Only From
Restoring Old Rechargeables!

how to recondition old batteriesLook: Reconditioning batteries is so easy and effective, and can save you (and make you) so much money, it's amazing how few people know about it.

Even those who know it's possible often use age-old (and sometimes plain wrong) techniques that can damage an otherwise repairable battery...
The result? Way too many batteries are hitting the dumpster, and polluting our soil and our rivers. Meanwhile, the battery manufacturers are making big bucks selling their overpriced units... ensuring only a handful of people can afford turning to green energy.

But that's about to change. Because I've created the ultimate step-by-step battery reconditioning guide… that will take you by the hand and walk you through the exact process I use to restore almost any type of batteries:

How to Recondition Your Car Batteries…

… and any other kind of lead-acid batteries (you’ll follow the exact same process for the large capacity, deep-cycle batteries used in solar panel systems!)... and...
  • A simple trick that will dramatically extend the life of your batteries (imagine not having to discard your deep-cycle batteries every 3-5 years like most people do… instead, you get add extra years of usage almost for free!)
  • What NEVER to do when restoring your dead NiMH batteries (it will reverse their polarity... and your device will run backwards when you recharge the battery!)
  • PLUS: How to prevent the Nicad batteries from developing the nasty "memory effect" (this cripples your battery's storage capacity.. but a simple technique will make it as good as new in no time) 

“Undying” Nicad batteries:

While regular batteries usually last just a couple of years… I’ll show you how I keep my cordless drill battery in top-shape after more than 10 years of relentless use! PLUS:
  • The life extending secret that works wonders on Li-Ion rechargeables… but can severely damage your Nicad batteries (do NOT let conventional wisdom ruin your batteries!)
  • How to care for the 3 major types of rechargeables (Warning: they are NOT the same – and doing the wrong procedure can irreversibly damage your battery… or even lead to nasty explosions!)

How to Bring an Old Battery Back From the Dead :

This 9-step process will work even with batteries that cannot be reconditioned - and will add extra months if not years to the battery you were thinking of throwing away. Also:
  • How to test any battery type with a $10 gadget (PLUS: the $20 shopping list for everything you need to start reconditioning your batteries)
  • How to save thousands of dollars when shopping for a professional battery tester (the one we recommend costs a fraction of the usual investment… and works just as well)... and... 

... The Two Sure-Fire Ways to
Recondition Deep-Cycle Batteries...

...including: the 6 step process to restoring your batteries using an equalizing charge (most people disregard step #4 and they destroy their batteries!). This, and a lot more - like:
  • Is there a faulty cell in your lead battery? Find out on the spot - with this simple, five second test
  • Your voltage & resistance readings "cheat sheet": how to tell on the spot whether a battery is worth reconditioning (sometimes it's not… and this will save you precious time) 

The $30 DIY Battery Desulfator:

With these straightforward instructions & blueprints, you'll be able to reverse the annoying sulfation process with minimal investment and almost no effort… so you can enjoy your lead batteries for a few extra years! Plus:
  • The lead battery reconditioner’s kit: 4 essential (and inexpensive) gadgets you absolutely must have in your “arsenal”
  • Old-school reconditioning: how to restore your batteries without an advanced analyzer (it's a bit tricky, but with our step by step instructions you'll be able to do it even if you can't afford the additional investment!)
  • And a LOT more!
Can you really take an old, beat-up battery and make it almost as good as new, over night? You bet you can. Just listen to what other people just like you are saying:

Look: When it comes to reconditioning almost any kind of batteries, EZ Battery Reconditioning IS the ultimate guide. It's like having an expert electrician right by your side... showing you exactly what to do and how to do it.

And with our suggestion of tools and gadgets, you’ll be a pro in no time - even if you've NEVER reconditioned a rechargeable battery before!

But there's more to it. Reconditioning batteries is both easy and fun - and if you follow our step-by-step instructions, you won't want to stop there.

In fact, it's very easy to start your own battery reconditioning business - and make up to 6 figures a year doing one of the coolest jobs on earth.

Big Bucks With Battery Reconditioning:

Just a simple search on Ebay showed up a TON of results from people who are already making big profits from batteries that they get for free.

Here are a just a few examples:

recondition old batteries at home

From smaller, cheaper batteries…

reconditioned forklift batteries

to high capacity deep cycle batteries that cost a small fortune:

make money reconditioning batteries

That's why, if you order EZ Battery Reconditioning today

"That's All Great...But
How Much Will It Cost Me?"

I thought long and hard about how much I should charge for EZ Battery Reconditioning.

After all… reconditioning a single high-capacity battery can easily save you $1000 to $3000. Even a car battery saves you at least $100. And if you follow my advice and start your own side business…
you can easily make an extra 6 figure-revenue each year – with little extra effort.

But I’ve decided that this wonderful guide should get into as many hands as possible. After all… the more batteries get reconditioned, the less pollution in our waters and soil. And I can feel good knowing that I did my part in saving the environment.

So here’s the deal:

EZ Battery Reconditioning is $47 and not a dime more. You’ll easily recoup your investment from the first battery you recondition. Restore another one, and you’re in the black.
But really, the price doesn’t matter. That’s because you’re fully protected by…

Recondition Batteries NOW! And save Money

If you want to be mobile or store energy, almost everything runs on batteries and to be honest, they often are the weakest part of whatever they are running. I am talking about your laptop battery, your car battery even your battery for the solar panel. They all cost a fortune and die far before they should. They actually get weaker and weaker and have to be recharged more and more frequently from day one on.

How to Recondition Batteries at Home
(Video) Never pay for a new battery anymore, learn how you can recondition them

-> What the industry wants us to believe is that there is no way around buying a new battery. <-
What annoys me most is that they simply do not tell you that for most batteries there are ways to slow down the capacity loss and ways to recondition batteries once they are dead.
  1. Reconditioning your own batteries will save you a lot of money and help avoiding toxic waste.
  2. Imagine how much money you could even make on the side by taking scrap batteries recondition them and sell them for a decent price.
  3. You can do all the work at home without any special knowledge. 
I believe it is time to stop paying hundreds of dollars for replacement batteries when the old one will still work perfectly after a little bit of refurbishing.

The one thing I can not give away on these pages is the the Reconditioning Batteries Guide by Tom Ericson. Watch the video here.

It is in fact the best guide available on this topic. It is in depth, detailed AND easy to follow with excellent graphics.

You will learn how to recondition these batteries:
  • Car batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Computer and phone batteries 
  • Long life batteries
  • Deep cycle marine batteries
  • Batteries used in alternative energy systems 
  • Forklift batteries 
  • Golf cart batteries
  • And many other kinds of common batteries!
So if I were you, I would go ahead and get this guide as it holds information you can not get elsewhere in the internet.
how To Recondition Batteries
"How Easy Is It?"

A lot of people think battery reconditioning is hard however I think it's incredibly simple.
Anybody can recondition batteries, you just need to know the techniques. 
  1. Reconditioning your own batteries will save you a lot of money and help avoiding toxic waste.
  2. Imagine how much money you could even make on the side by taking scrap batteries recondition them and sell them for a decent price.
  3. You can do all the work at home without any special knowledge.
I believe it is time to stop paying hundreds of dollars for replacement batteries when the old one will still work perfectly after a little bit of refurbishing.
Don't go out and purchase a new battery until you read my instructions, Click Here

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